Hadoop Version - Understanding Hadoop Versions

Apache Hadoop is the core engine of open source large scale data processing and has seen massive growth during last few years. Most of the big data technologies and systems are based on hadoop and its ecosystem.

This article describe different branches of hadoop releases and their associated latest version along-with core features of different hadoop versions.

Main Hadoop Versions and Release Dates

There are three active Hadoop release versions based on their major version - 2.7, 2.6, and 2.5. There is also a 3.0 release getting ready, but at this stage it is in alpha stage.

Release Branch Version Release Date
3.0 release alpha Sep 3, 2016
2.7 release 2.7.3 Aug 25, 2016
2.6 release 2.6.5 Oct 8, 2016
2.5 release 2.5.2 Nov 19, 2014

Which Hadoop Version to Use

As of Jan 2017, 2.7 branch of hadoop is the most stable and widely used. So if you are starting fresh, then it is recommended to use latest release in 2.7 branch - i.e., 2.7.3.

If you are on 2.6 branch, it is recommended to upgrade to version 2.6.5.

If you are 2.5 branch, it is recommended to upgrade to 2.7 branch.

Hadoop Versions - Major Features

Version 3.0 - Major features

Currently in alpha state

Version 2.7 - Major features

2.7.3 version

2.7.2 version

2.7.1 version

2.7.0 version - New features